I'm an enthusiastic UI artist with 5+ years in AAA console games experience and more than 10 years in other interactive and multimedia projects, currently working at Electronic Arts.
•    AAA game UI quality 
•    Use of UX principles on the design process 
•    Professional skills in graphic design and branding
•    Solid drawing and motion graphic skills
•    Good understanding of 3D fundamentals
•    Able to work with different art styles 
•    Great communication between different team members
•    Basic project management software
Credited Video Game Titles      
EA Sports UFC 4 - Console
EA Sports UFC 3 - Console EA Sports UFC 2 - Console
EA Sports FIFA 19 – Console (switch)
Go! Go! Break Steady – Xbox Arcade
Video Game Collaborations
NHL 21 – Console
NBA Live19 - Console
I'm a big fan of video games, fantasy books, movies, comics, and squash (both: the vegetable and the sport)
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